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January, 2005- Worst news: The Dark Warrior will ride no more. I wrecked it but good November 11th, 2004.. I will leave the pages with all the pictures up, but hope is on the horizon..

January, 2005- The Warrior's replacement is here.. I am very happy to report this.. It is another sedan, which also is pleasing to me.. It is only a base however.. And a "Blanc canvas" as the seller put it.. Which is exactly what I like to work with.. Take the impossible and turn it into "StEvEzAsYcHo did it"..

January, 2005- The 6000 will roll again.. Since I wrecked the Euro, I had to scramble to get the 6000 done.. I dropped a 2.5 back in for simplicity's sake.. I had to swap out the 89 VSS for an 87 VSS, and the tach quit working.. But, it is now a floor shifted vehicle! Which is totally cool! Check for pics under the Pontiac Projects page..

January, 2005- The Death Dealer has now been officiated as part of my site.. Check out the preliminary pictures I have for it..


My website.. Shows the cars I own, have owned, etc.. Click the appropriate buttons to take you to the locations they so describe.. We can see here the sub-rocket science degree-requiring operation in effect here..



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