Death Dealer


This is the page that depicts the replacement 4 door project is store.. All that was initially planned for the Dark Warrior will be done to this car, the Death Dealer.. Z34 nose, hood.. Grand Prix BYP side skirts.. All of it.. These are all the pictures I received from the seller of the car..Yes, it is a blank canvas, but that is what I would prefer to have for my works.. Enjoy!


dealer3.1.jpg (219214 bytes)

How the engine looks now.. The 3.1 in its current form is shot, but the block may be the basis for my turbo 3100 MPFI Hybrid project.. I have a 3.1 MPFI my friend and I are workin on for the time being so I can get the W back.. Before the new motor goes in however, the engine bay needs to be cleaned and painted black to save time later, KYB-GR2 struts with ST springs to drop the front just a touch, and a Turbo Grand Prix steering rack..


dealerright.jpg (148753 bytes)

A shot of the right front.. The car is pretty spotless.. The paint is dull (Who cares when it is getting painted black anyway), but from what I see, it has little to no rust.. I KNOW the rust isn't as bad as my Euro's was.. This one appears to have rocker panels intact.. An all the fender well trim will be gone just as I did to the Euro.. It looks MUCH cleaner without it.. And I can defend against rust, which the trim caused bad on the 6000..


dealerrightqtr.jpg (157362 bytes)

A nice shot of the rear right quarter.. Looks pretty good.. See what I mean about little to no rust? That ALONE makes it worth the 500 mile trip to get it for $70.00 USD! The tail lights are missing, but.. I didn't break those in the accident.. SO that saves over $100 there.. I also have the little trim piece that goes BELOW the tail lights in one piece.. I like this whole "Less rust than the Warrior" motif however..


dealertaail.jpg (154876 bytes)


Nice shot of the rear.. Yes, a door is missing, but the car comes with it.. Even if it didn't no biggie.. I didn't wreck those in the wreck, either.. The "Less rust than the Warrior" motif is continued throughout to the left side.. And there's nothing wrong with that.. This car will do a complete 180.. It isn't ewven going to look like a Z34 as you know it when its done.. Just stay tuned..


dealerint.jpg (204916 bytes)


Looks like complete ass, I know.. But.. It needs to be gutted to accommodate the DIC, 3 knob HVAC, etc.. I also need to modify the fiberglass part of the dash itself to hold this stuff too.. Then new carpet, BLACK, also going to get me some Grand Prix or Cutlass black leather seats. Headliner.. I'm going to bet that the most expensive part of the interior will be new seatbelts all around.. Going to be worth every penny..


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