No new images for the 6000. I just watermarked them all, as stated on the first page. Enjoy these ones again. More pictures as I get to be around it more.


Best_shot.jpg (133458 bytes)     

This is a really good shot of the 6k. You can also see my MAG wheels! Very cool.. This is a shot however before the SE grille was installed, but you get a nice view of the car itself.


Speedometer.jpg (160556 bytes)Mid_swap.JPG (215607 bytes)

These are just pictures of what I started with and what the dash looked like mid-swap. I remember this day.. It was super hot out, and I was inside the car.. I was sweating like crazy!! It was coming down like a river! Not good at all, hah. But, those are all the pictures I have on this part of my project.


After_swap.JPG (183392 bytes)Current_mileage_on_the_new_speedo.JPG (100227 bytes)

These pictures are of my NEW gauge cluster. 



New_Seats_and_console_installed.JPG (143259 bytes)

Here is a pic of my new bucket seats. You can also see the console, which is a nice feature. I don't have the floor shifter installed yet, but that'll go in when the 3400 goes in. These seats, as I said, are very comfy. I love them so much. No, they're not for sale. ; )



That's it for now. Keep checking back!


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