Steve's Art

This is a page I have added to show off my Artsy skills. This page won't be updated as frequently as I just don't have the time to be artsy anymore.. But, enjoy these!




Lum_BW.jpg (75202 bytes) How's THAT for depth of field?! I was bored, lol.. And this was two days before I took the newest pictures.. But, it gives a good value range.. Considering I did this with a film camera in school, it looks good.. The computerized version doesn't do it justice though!




31BW.jpg (78240 bytes) Another little shot I took with my SLR camera. I was bored, and had to upstage my friend's picture HE made of his Camry's 4-cylinder! Haha! I won, in the darkroom AND in the parking lot.. But hey, this came out REAL well. I have a few more I can scan in when I get a chance!




Lum_BW3.jpg (127968 bytes) New for March, 2004- Yet another pic taken with my SLR camera.. Again, the digitized version doesn't begin to do it justice. I had this on a negative when I had the other two printed, but, they were on negatives, not on paper. This is just an angle down from the right onto the name badge, obviously..




Lum_BW4.jpg (84425 bytes) Another artsy shot of the dashboard this time. I'm so glad that it says Euro because I don't know where I'd look in case I forgot what kind of car I drive.. But yea, this picture is cool, but looks bad because it has been, you guessed it, digitized.. The full sized images look way better but are too freakin big to keep their original size..




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