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Welcome to the For Sale/Wanted page. This is where I will post listed items I have for sale, and also a section where you can help ME out.. A section of my Wants. Browse, but remember, you break it, you bought it.

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WANTED: 1984 Pontiac 6000 STE Tail lights:

STE Tail.jpg (98799 bytes)

I am looking for both the left and right sides. The chrome around it can be in any condition, but the lenses must me in damn good shape. Send me an email if you are willing to sell me a set!

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FOR SALE: 1994 Grand Prix center console top:

94 console 2.JPG (187526 bytes)

That's right. The 1994 console top is up for grabs! I have no use for it as I have the 95-6 revision in my car now. Email me with some offers!

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FOR SALE: 1990 Lumina Euro tail lights:

Red Euro.jpg (10069 bytes)

complete set, including reverse light center panel. They are the light gray style as pictured, and the center panel reads "Chevrolet". I have no use since I upgraded my tails to the 93+ style w/ black frames and bowtie in the back.

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FOR SALE: 1987 Pontiac 6000 SE Center Console:

New_Seats_and_console_installed.JPG (143259 bytes)

I may have an offer pending for this thing, but it is for sale. I have no use for it when I add a Grand Prix one to the 6000. It is in excellent shape, and I will throw in a shifter and a handle. All it needs is a good cleaning, it will looks like new! This is the 4 speed OD version.

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FOR SALE: 1990 Chevy Lumina center console:

Command_Central.JPG (168433 bytes)

Another part of my car I no longer am in need of. It is taking up space. The arm rest is ripped as shown, but a new one in better condition will be swapped in for the lucky buyer. This is for the 4 speed OD console ONLY. No shifter or handle.

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FOR SALE: My brilliant abilities at modifying GM components:

Complete OHC.jpg (169370 bytes)Test run.jpg (185367 bytes)

That's right. For a nominal fee (Depending on what car I am doing, and/or what functions/features you want in the Overhead console), you too can have some of these works of art! Let me know what you want in your request, and I can get you a final total. These won't be available until AFTER mine is 100% complete, so I have a base total to go from.

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WANTED: 94-6 Grand Prix or 9x-97 Cutlass Supreme Leather Seats

d8ecf767-80a4-4d23-9243-b57ba3f3b869_0.jpg (3217 bytes)

Lookin for these.. In black.. I also need an accompanying rear seat as well.. For a sedan.. I may have some coming, but.. I can still post in my own damn wanted section..

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