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This was a page done completely with the intent of adding it to my Black Euro.. However, that car is gone now, but everything you see here either complete, or almost complete will find it's way to the Death Dealer.. Enjoy, and thanks for stoppin by..



The following pictures are plans for my exhaust. One of them is obviously not my car, but I "MSPainted" what my plan is to be using someone else's car, along with someone's Cadillac exhaust. The other two are of the tips themselves I plan on putting on my car. Those will wait until I can get headers of some sort, and Flowmaster Delta 40 mufflers. Enjoy these pictures!


Exhaust_Plan.jpg (66276 bytes) I whipped this "MSPaint" up in about 3 minutes. It illustrates my idea pretty well of what I want for my exhaust. I only used this guy's car for my plan because the angle was exactly the same as the Cadillac I found to use the tips from. But, this is my plan, after I get headers, and Flowmasters!



Tips b4 n after1.JPG (168772 bytes)Tips b4 n after2.JPG (163227 bytes)tips b4 n after.JPG (147410 bytes) Here are a couple of pictures of my exhaust tips. I have both sides polished, but these are before and after pics from what I started with to what I came up with after 50+ hours using VERY fine steel wool, and an aluminum polish that actually wasn't too harsh on the nose. Well worth the effort, and I can't wait to get my Flowmaster Delta 40. I am doing one live muffler and a dead one just for looks until I can get my headers made. Man.. I do great work!





I didn't much care for the gray accents that Chevy put on the Lumina Euros when I bought the car. But, hey, for $200.00,I couldn't complain. I lived with the mirrors all summer after I bought the car, but that all changed in January, 2004. Some moron decided they didn't much care for my mirrors either so the clipped the right side and shattered it into a million pieces. Well, maybe 3 or 4, but the point is, I got to buy new mirrors! Since I already didn't care for the light gray, I bought black mirrors, sanded them, primed them, painted and clear coated them, and finally let them harden for a few days. I had initially taken pictures of the overall process of painting them, but my digital camera went to hell temporarily and erased my entire flash card. But, I do have the initial picture I took the day I brought them home, and 2 pictures of the finished mirrors. I will highlight their install here when it warms up and I can wash my car!


Mirrors.JPG (200848 bytes)Mirrors painted.jpg (141933 bytes)Mirror painted.jpg (143905 bytes)





Interior Refinements

This section is highlighting my interior refinements. On a scale of one to ten, I would rate my interior as a high seven to low eight. It has its trouble sopts, but tthere are spots where it is beginning to come together.

Interior Completed Items Check List:

Purchased and installed 1994 Grand Prix center console with cup holders

Installed leather shift boot from Achieva SCX for some reason

Installed Grand Prix SE bucket seats

NOTE: After about a month of my Grand Prix console in, I got a new top piece from a 95. The cupholders are bigger, and up near the armrest.

NOTE: Because I got the new top, I had to re-work the shift boot install. Check it out!

Interior To be Completed Check List:

Modify dash to hold all my digital goodies

ALL black surfaces

Leather seating surfaces

3 knob HVAC control unit UNDER the dash

Fiberglass 3 knob HVAC housing to the dash

Other things.. Look for more


94 console, stock seats.JPG (206715 bytes)94 console.JPG (184387 bytes)94 console 2.JPG (187526 bytes) These are slightly dated pictures. First off, there is no boot on it. My OLD Lumina "ice cube tray" seats are still there, and the cupholders are in the wrong spot. But hey, still a better console to have, I'm tallin ya.. By the way, the top piece of the 1994 Grand Prix console is for sale! $20.00 plus shipping. Let me know if you want it!


Boot_2.JPG (158750 bytes)Boot_3.JPG (176111 bytes)Boot_4.JPG (141884 bytes) BEFORE pic of the 94 console, and shift boot. It looked great, but I really wanted the 95-96 GP console because the cup holders are up closer.. And hold pop bottles better.


95 console.JPG (163494 bytes)95 Console 2.jpg (145882 bytes)Old_new_boot_install.jpg (65136 bytes) Nice shot of the new piece installed, and a nice before and after shot of the shift boot.. Basically, you can now say that this boot is here to stay.. I had to alter it because the valley in this console is a lot more concaved, to the way I had the boot on there before wouldn't work. So, I ripped that off, got out my 3M hyper-adhesive, and glued it onto the old shift indicator that came with this console. (I used the one that came with it because it had pop and god knows WHAT ELSE on it..)So, it's still the same boot, just a much more painstaking install.. A new LED system is in order for this thing however.

WB01727_.gif (697 bytes)

Left_side_new_seat.JPG (176253 bytes)Right_view_Dirty_seat.JPG (131240 bytes)Rear_view.JPG (180886 bytes) Fresh pics of my new seats. I took a ride about 20 minutes after I put them in. I could feel a difference right away (So could my bad back). Definitely worth the $36.00 they cost me. There is a story behind getting these though: I first laid eyes on them about a week before I actually bought them. The car was intact at this point, but I didn't have power to move the seats, a required operation to remove the driver's seat. So, I left, and hoped for the best. Well, that week screamed by, and I went out to get them, but when I got there, the yard had MOVED THE CAR!! So I began at the first row, and finally found it after 20 minutes of aimless wandering. I get there, and notice: the door handles are gone. The doors are locked. The windows are intact. Some ass clown took the door handles off, and locked the car because he wanted the seats. (Keep reading to understand how I knew). So, I am really pissed, but I went ahead and removed the fender. Set it aside, and went to town on the bolts that hold the door to the car. I am at this point thinking, "Yea, this will be easy now." But, at the end of that thought, I DROPPED MY SOCKET WRENCH INSIDE THE CAR! I am furious now, and told myself I wasn't giving up. I wasn't leaving without my seats.. Or my socket wrench for that matter. So, I start to rip and pull at the door. Rage finally kicked in like a turbo on a Grand Prix, I tore the door off, ripping the steel, molding poppin off, and finally, off it came. I then threw the door across the aisle, and it hit a poor Pontiac Tran Sport. I got so many looks of fear from the other yarders, but I just went nuts of the seat removal. After about 45 minutes, I got the seats out, and wheeled off with my wheel barrow, and I saw some foreign guy come up to the Grand Prix I just left. When he saw the door was "in dispose" and the seats were gone, he screamed an obscenity of some sort, and I just said to myself, "Ya snooze, ya lose, sucker." I looked at him stomping around like a child and saw in his hand the door handles for the car. The reason I know they came from that car is because these ones had "Pontiac" written up and down them. I just wheeled out of there one happy dude, and foiled an ass hat in the process!




UB3.jpg (60584 bytes)UB32.jpg (32131 bytes) The UB3 Digital dash from a Cutlass Supreme in action.. This thing has to be the coolest gauge cluster EVER.. I will get it to work in my car, and man.. Watch out all you pedestrians.. i won't be watching the road anymore!



The progress of the Cutlass UB3 Digital project!! Check this action out!!


Gauges night.jpg (151126 bytes) A long last look at the Lumina gauges lit up. This is the end of the line for these bad boys. I liked them alright enough, but.. I decided to do something different.. Something no one else has thought of before and actually followed through on.


Stock digi.JPG (214865 bytes)BASE cluster housing.jpg (185938 bytes)Base cluster guts.jpg (204773 bytes)Hacked cutlass housing.jpg (155128 bytes)Housing.jpg (178823 bytes)Housing3.jpg (146691 bytes)Housing2.jpg (147801 bytes)Test run.jpg (185367 bytes)

Quick set of pictures showing the progress of the unit. It goes right in order from where I began, to where I am at now. A small setback ocured when a friend broke my UB3.. I got a new one, then the housing I built broke. So, the project is at a halt at the time of this update. I am offering up my services to add these things, build them, all of it for other WBodies. Check the For Sale section!


This is a smattering of pictures, depicting another aspect of the digitalization of the Lumina. It is an Overhead Console from a Pontiac Grand Prix, and it has been heavily modified to accomodate all of the digital functions of the UB3 Digital Cluster, and the DIC. Also, the Sunroof controls will be affixed soon.


OHC.jpg (206466 bytes)DIC Buttons.jpg (170170 bytes)OHC rough.jpg (185656 bytes)OHC Rough2.jpg (194986 bytes)OHC Bondo.jpg (165156 bytes)OHC Bondo2.jpg (203914 bytes)OHC Primed.jpg (111791 bytes)OHC Electronics.jpg (237695 bytes)Complete OHC.jpg (169370 bytes)Complete OHC2.jpg (181117 bytes)Complete OHC3.jpg (159421 bytes)ASC controls.jpg (135939 bytes)

This was a very involved modification, because precision and focus on the finish was extremely important. One thing that I may change, and certainly will not make it to other versions in the buttons for the map lights. Because the WBodies and other cars I may eventually do this in have illuminated mirrors, the buttons to activate the lights within the Overhaed console are redundant. Also, because this is replacing my dome light, it would jkust be a different version of the same thing. (The stock dome light is being lost with the installation of the ASC sunroof.) Again, check the For Sale section. I will be selling my services of constructing these things, with any features you could possibly want, and I can fit in there of course.


The sunroof I've been gunning for for many moons. I finally have it. And I got it at a steal! $24.00 USD!! I need to reassemble it of course, but.. I have me a sunroof! Check the pics!

ASC BABY.jpg (152940 bytes)ASC controls.jpg (135939 bytes)

I'm totally thrilled about getting this in. I have wanted one for a long time, as stated above. Gonna be one of those little extra features that not many sedan Lumina owners have..


Ding box.jpg (144511 bytes)

Haha.. I have me a ding box from a 94 WBody. This is the style that locks and unlocks the doors by itself. And I get an actual ding instead of a constant tone.. Going to be a sweet sweet annoyance when its all done.


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