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These pictures depict the projects for my Pontiac 6000. A lot of them have been completed already, but there are still a few that will take place during or after the engine swap. During the swap, I might get the body work prepped for paint, and before the 3800 goes in, I am going to paint the engine bay black so I don't have to do that after the engine/transmission is installed. Makes sense doesn't it? A few projects I have in addition to the engine swap are the installation of the ground effects I got from a 1990 6000 SE AWD. I didn't part the car, someone else was, so I swooped down on them. I also got the spoiler, which differs from the non-AWD spoilers. Mine stands up off the trunk, where as the other kind is molded to the trunk lines. I still think those ones are pretty sweet, but I figured my 6000 would be the only 6000 from the pre-1989 era to have that spoiler. Also, I plan on a factory Delco CD player. from a Pontiac of course. In addition to the stereo, I am planning on new speakers all the way around, and a speaker in each of the front doors. This is the extent o my sound system plans. I don't want to go over the top because I live on St. Paul's East side. (Anyone from Minnesota, especially us St. Paul residents will tell you that it's not a very nice part of town) Living in the East side is dangerous, because if you have ANYTHING nice, someone else will probably think so too, and there it goes. Gone. Also, factory style fog lamps will be installed connected to a 6000-specific fog light switch. 16' Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme rims are also planned for this car. That's all for now I would think. This section contains pictures of what I have done to date, and what is on tap. Enjoy!



Those images depict my instrument cluster swap. As you can see, I began with the base cluster, and only knowing how much gas you have left isn't exactly too thrilling.. And the space to the right of the gas gauge is bland, empty, and full of dumb-ass lights. So, an upgrade was a good idea on my part and a hell of a lot easier than people made it out to be. The real treat comes at night when the lights go on. The sweeping gauges, all lit up orange. They look great. I also took a picture of the odometer because I wanted to show off to you people that my odometer rolling skills are superb! That was the correct mileage my car had on it when I pulled this off. I am actually looking for new needles that aren't as faded as these are but I can't really complain too much. (Note: the center piece with the gear shift indicator is no longer there. I have replaced it with one from an SE which has no opening in it. Looks way better without it.)


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Yay! new seats! I was so happy to find these babies. I needed new seats as it was, but I never expected to find these! I also snatched up the console, shifter, and leather-wrapped shift handle. They really add to the interior a lot, and are so comfortable!! So comfortable in fact that I just want to fall asleep! (Pedestrians everywhere, you have been WARNED!) Anyway, You can see I have also installed a console. It's not bolted down yet as I haven't installed the sifter. This will wait until the engine swap is completed so I have more room to run the cables off the transmission. I also plan of installing a shift boot from a Grand AM to give it en even more sporty feel and look. The gear indicator will be moved and LED, i.e. Toyota Camry circa 1989. That's it for now. My seats the day I brought them home, installed in the car, and a borrowed picture of the shifter plan.


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My "bling bling" audio system plan. Well, maybe not. Here we see a borrowed picture of a Delco CD deck. This is the Pontiac version which is what I will be using for factory appearance and for overall fit. These radios are decent if all you're doing is stock like I am. And the second image is of the electric antenna I'm going to put on the car. Having the antenna in the back makes it seem a little more sporty, in accordance with the brainwash of society, and it's electric which is freakin' awesome! It sits about 2" lower that the current front one does and is angled back at about 85 degrees to make it look even better.


I am no longer using these wheels on the 6000. I am going to either uise the Grand Prix 5 spokes, or the Grand AM GT ones (circa 1995).. Just because I don't want both my cars having the exact same wheels.


Rear_FX.jpg (172781 bytes)Side_FX.jpg (183202 bytes)

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My ground FX!! Hah! The ones you want, but CAN'T have! I was glad to have gotten these, and they are factory Pontiac 6000 parts! These are off of a 1990 SE AWD. The dead giveaways include: AWD unique spoiler, and cutouts in the front valence for factory fog lights. That is also on tap for the car!



The DIC I want!!.jpg (16292 bytes) I just picked one of these babies up for the 6000. It is the DIC from a 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix STE. There are actually two versions of the Grand Prix DIC, a VFD and LCD. I want the LCD one because it looks awesome. I initially thought of putting in a 6000 STE DIC, but when I realized I'd have to put a digital dash in, I said to hell with it. I don't care much for the 6000 Digital dash when compared to the Analog style, and I also don't much feel like wiring the damn thing in. So, this is a much more pleasing option.



Yes, I converted my 6k to floor shift.. Looks great, and feels more familiar to me.. I love it!


floorshift2.jpg (56947 bytes) Step 1: Slice, cut, rip, chew, etc the carpet, exposing the holes for shifter mounts.. There are to options.. Manual transmission, and auto.. I suggest holding the shifter over the holes to see where all 4 holes line up with the holes in the shifter.. Also, remember that the mounts for the shifter are not present.. But do not fret because GM didn't change shifter styles in over 50 years.. ANY GM Shifter will mount in from any floor shifted GM you can find at most salvage yards.. Handles as well.. I got these mounts from a 93 Grand AM, the shifter from a 1987 6000 SE, the first handle from a 94 Grand Prix, and the second handle from a Chevy Cavalier.. Pretty sweet..


Floorshift1.jpg (36807 bytes) A view of the mounting studs.. I recommend getting the studs, nuts, and the shifter/handle assembly all at the same time, from the car of your choice.. It just makes it easier so you're not chasing around the yard for hours on end..


floorshift4.jpg (48328 bytes) Step 2: Run the cables.. I just used the existing hole where the column shifted cable came through.. I needed to adjust the cable because mine came from a car with the 4 speed auto.. I have the 3 speed auto.. For time's sake, I cut a line down the "hump" in the floor's carpet to route the cables easiest.. When the carpet is pressed together, you can't tell it was cut, and when a console is on there, you can't see it anyway..


floorshift3.jpg (56209 bytes) The mounted shifter.. This was before I ran the cable to it, but.. It looks pretty damn good..


floorshift5.jpg (50004 bytes) Step 3: Probably the most important mechanical part of the equation: The neutral safety switch.. This switch is what tells the shifter that the key is on and that the car can be put into gear.. I had an issue with this though: even with the floor shifting switch installed, I had the column shifter still there.. Even though the column shifter isn't used for anything, it can still trick the switch into thinking that it is in gear, and you won't be able to turn the car off or pull the keys out.. This thing mounts on the column, at the top.. Not too hard to swap, just tedious..


floorshift6.jpg (53438 bytes) The current product.. Except that STUPID shift handle.. I now have a Cavalier one on there, because it is an actual T-Handle.. I don't have a console on yet, because the Grand Prix one is still on the way.. Step 4 will be the installation of the console.. Stay tuned..



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