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Welcome to the page that outlines my engine swap. This will show how my 6000 went from "Get burned" to "Burn you". This is a depiction of my 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine swap to a 3400 supercharged V6. This engine is going to be coupled with a 4T60E-HD transmission. I am going to the local race track to get times after it gets done for wide open throttle basically stock (Except for a more superior fuel pump). After a few laps, I'll take her home and hyper mod the motor w/ probably an under drive pulley on the supercharger, Hi-flow air intake, and larger wheels/tires so I don't rip the tires to shreds! Also, a high performance exhaust coupled with Grand Prix tips. This car is going to kick tons of ass when it's completed. It might even kick YOUR ass! Any way, enjoy the pictures of the 2.5 removal.




Glory_Days....JPG (190255 bytes) Ahhh... the good old days of a running motor.. As slow and loud as it was, the 2.5 was STRONG! nothing from the influence of man could stop this motor.. I had been wanting a motor change, but was waiting for catastrophic engine failure.. Man I was waiting a long time...



After_day_1_I.JPG (193207 bytes)After_day_1_II.JPG (225865 bytes) Two different angles of the first day of the swap. All that had to be done next was the removal of the wiring.. That would wait until the next day.. Also, you can see the new grille in action.. It looks SWEET! I put a new "Pontiac" name plate on  from a Pontiac Transport hood, along with an arrow head emblem from a 93 Sunbird rear deck.. Looks sharp!



Out_without_a_hitch.JPG (206478 bytes) They don't call it the Iron Duke Monster for nothing.. This thing is heavy!! So heavy, My dad and I both needed to guide it out of the car.. But, It's out now.. And the engine bay is mighty empty... But it will be filled with POWER!!! 3.4 Supercharged liters to be exact!



Why_I_did_this_in_the_first_place.JPG (242537 bytes) I kept this image large for easy viewing. As you can see, these are the 2.5's timing gears.. After 260,xxx miles of faithful service, the "fiber" gear snapped a few teeth and lobotomized my entire engine.. This is why the motor needed to be removed.. This gear is PRESSED onto the camshaft, not BOLTED on.. In order to do the job right and not mess up the whole operation, it needed to come out.. And out it came!



Well, that's it.. Check back for updates!



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