Dark Warrior

An homage to the Dark Warrior.. November 11th, 2004, one saga came to an end.. With it's end however, a new beginning.. The Death Dealer is coming..


This page is dedicated to my Chevrolet Lumina. These are all my current pictures. I hope you enjoy them! I like this car equally as much as I like my Pontiac.. There is no competition to me.. I love them both! It's an obsession, really, maybe an unhealthy one.. Damn, I should have my head examined.. 


Front_Corner_Angle.JPG (180786 bytes) Here she is. My 1990 Lumina. I like the nose on this car.. It says don't mess with me.. I wouldn't mess with this.. I like the grille here too.. The 1990-only Euro grille is the best grille ever on the Lumina.. It looks damn good..



New_Tails.JPG (149492 bytes) My new tail lights.. I hated the light gray ones on there before.. These just look so much better than the old ones.. I think it's a good change! I highly recommend it to any 1990 Euro owners who hate the gray tails!



Nice_Rear_Angle.JPG (157130 bytes) Old rear angle. Tis image was taken about a month after I bought the car. It doesn't quite look like this anymore.



Night_2.JPG (202455 bytes) This is a night shot.. It's the best time to see me cruisin' in this car.. even during the day these lights are on.. I'm trying to get the parking lights wired to turn on like I have set up in my 6000, but so far I have been unsuccessful. I'm still working on it though.



Rocket_Engine.JPG (212240 bytes) The 3.1. As great of a powerplant it is, its not here much longer, at least in this form. I am swapping a 3100 SFI top end onto the block of a MPFI 3.1. Then I'm turboing it. Headers, glasspacks, and flowmasters will compliment it nicely.



Wide_Profile.JPG (196145 bytes) Nice profile.. Sleek, yet aggressive lines.. It's got a nice shape.. I do believe however that some crazy dark tint is in order along with headlight covers.. Yea.. Sweet.. I also like the rims.. Bu, they aren't exactly here anymore either. Cutlass Supreme 5 spokes man.. Kick ass!



Command_Central.JPG (168433 bytes) OLD SCHOOL interior shot.. As many know, it doesn't look like this anymore.. It has got new seats, console.. Even the damn horn pad is different!



Cruisin.JPG (90646 bytes) Blurry, but obvious.. I like the gauges also.. This I took while cruisin' in my car.. I like the 1990-only gauges.. See, the 91-up ones have different writing and no temp. gauge, only volts. Which is fine except I like to know how toasty the car is getting BEFORE a problem arises.. When there's a volt issue, the lights go out and the car tends to stall when you turn the turn signals on!



Lookin_Good.JPG (157511 bytes) New pics for February, 2004: FINALLY got a nice day for pictures. The car looks great considering the day before it was encrusted with 2" of Road salt. Look!! My mirrors!! They're on!! Body matched.. I sanded, primed, and painted them myself in my basement. Damn, they look good! Nice to have them again!



Nice_N_Shiney.JPG (121577 bytes) Nice "Car of God" angle. If god had a car he'd have a car like this. Seriously, I like it ecause even though my car is 14 years old, the paint looks GREAT. I need new rocker panels and there are a few rusting spots, but all in all the body is in great shape!



Yum.JPG (156341 bytes) Looks good.. Yes, the window is open.. But that's because it was a GORGEOUS day! Now, can you see the holes in the bumper? I have a set of Foglights I plan to install there.. I just have to quit taking pictures and installing consoles to get around to it! But yeah, those will go on in the coming weeks.



YOU-eye-view.JPG (152087 bytes) This is the last sight you will see after I go Vice City on your pedestrian ass. Haha.. This is a great shot of the car.. Nice, clean view.. No exhaust hangin down, no cracks in the bumper.. Suspension is good.. Hmmm.. But if there is a problem, please, be a nice guy and tell me BEFORE I run you over.. Haha!



 Euro_lite.jpg (148688 bytes) Pretty damn good for hand painted, wouldn't you say? And, as a note, I perfected it so the strip on top doesn't light up anymore. And, if there is a demand, I will make these for e a pittence. Whate ver phrase I can fit. But, it is a different little modification to my car, and I rather like it.


Rear qtr view.jpg (183950 bytes) Very recent image of my car with the new rims on it.. I like these on this car.. Look pretty damn good.. I will be getting some center caps for this.. The Oldsmobile ones seemed just a little out of place.. For my tastes anyway..


Right side.JPG (205575 bytes) The good side.. THe side that WASN'T wrecked.. These wheels look really really good on here.. I have gotten a lot of looks, queries, and compliments on them.. No "I want to barf having looked at your car sir." So that's a good thing..



Bad side.JPG (193779 bytes) And, the bad side.. This is what happened when the 40-something frigid cow piloting the Buick LeSabre hit my car going 40 MPH.. Through a parking lot.. With the sun in her eyes.. Bitch.. Oh well.. Still lookin sexy!


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